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- By Steve Shedden
NEW Laser Cutting Service

Hey guys, what’s new at Ivory?
We’ve installed a new laser cutting machine into our workshop that can help you create anything you desire!

You can choose from a wide selection of materials including:
Wood, Acrylic, Card, Paper, Textiles, Leather, Foam, Rubber and Corrugated board.

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- By Zsuzsa
Introducing a new, more compact, smaller bridge size.
Measuring 50 x 75 mm, our new Baby Bridge is wonderfully playful and easy to handle.  Read More
- By Zsuzsa

Cello Bags
Ideal for small sets of cards.

Protection, professionalism, packaging: cello bags could be the right choice for you.
We boast a selection of fabulous ways to protect your cards. You've heard of tuck boxes, personalised boxes and clear cases but what if you have fewer cards for each pack?

Cello bags are ideal for small sets of cards. They create a more finished, polished feeling to a product and lends itself to a further sense of professionalism as a result. The material used is perfectly clear, which both provides protection for your product and gives it that shop-bought feel. Cello bags are easily resealable. The maximum number of cards that can fit in our cello bags is seven.

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- By Zsuzsa
Laser Cut Tuck Boxes

Your tuck box is the first point of contact with the customer to present your brand, convey an idea and shape an impression.

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- By Zsuzsa
Whether you use tarot cards for pleasure or business, having a pack of your own design is a must.

This can be as simple as supplying us with a logo for the back of the cards; or supply us with your own tarot faces. You may only be thinking of making a single pack for yourself. At Ivory we provide personalized tall tarot cards from one pack upwards. No order is too small, nor too large!

Tall Tarot is 89 x 146mm with radius corners.

They can also be used for Angel cards, Oracle cards, Horoscope cards or even Training cards.

With such a different variety of uses its essential to have as many options open to you as possible. Some personalized tall tarot cards only use 22 cards, others use 56 or 78 cards. Through Ivory Graphics we can work with any amount of cards on a pack. It could be just 3 or it could 345 cards in a pack. We have a very versatile way of working in which we can keep waste to a minimum no matter what amount of cards you h Read More

- By Zsuzsa
hand on flash card
This is a custom card game for large companies who are holding a conference and all their staff are meeting for the first time.
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- By Zsuzsa
Flash Cards Printing

How to stand out from the crowd

Many companies use props and give away branded items such as USB sticks, brochures or pens. The desired effect of which is for the potential client to take the item away and remember you when they require your products or services. Playing cards are such a unique, engaging way of displaying your brand, services and values that your potential clients will call you!

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- By Zsuzsa
flash card deck, revision aid

Revision, Revision, Revision. Thats the hardest part of any learning. Then you have to somehow remember everything you've learned and express it all in a 2 or hours exam. That's just one exam if you have 5 or 8 exams you really do have to revise on a large scale.

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Welcome Zsuzsa

Say hello to our new Designer: Award-winning Illustrator and Graphic Designer, Zsuzsa Goodyer!

This Cambridge-bred, Brighton-lead creative has always loved playing cards and is proud of her move from Agency work to us, here at Ivory. 'Playing cards have always inspired me. I can't wait to design personalised playing cards. Passion is in my blood! Even my brother does cardistry. We bond over stunning and unique card artwork.'

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Cast your mind back to the last promotional gift you received from a supplier. It may have been a pen, notebook, or calendar, or maybe a mouse mat or drawstring bag if you were lucky. Did it make much impact on your buyer relationship with the supplier? Read More