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Promotional Playing Cards

Playing Cards

Are you planning to exhibit at a show this year?

If so, you know the competition will be fierce!
How will you stand out? We might just have the answer!
Promotional Playing Cards

How to stand out from the crowd

Many companies use props and give away branded items such as USB sticks, brochures or pens. The desired effect of which is for the potential client to take the item away and remember you when they require your products or services. Playing cards are such a unique, engaging way of displaying your brand, services and values that your potential clients will call you!

Consider you are talking to a client who has children. Their children are probably never interested in mum or dad's work because its so boring! Well, why not create a card game that they can play with their children that shows off your company name and with deluxe promotional playing cards you can even show case all your products and services or create a game of Snap or even Trumps.

At Ivory we have a wealth of knowledge in game-play and helping our clients make games that promote their business to the right people.

Why not give a call and discuss what your event is all about? It might just make all the difference to how effective your futures sales are!

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By Zsuzsa