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Personalised Flashcards. Made in the UK. Create your own custom educational flash cards online.

Custom Education Cards

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Custom Flash Cards

Custom flashcards, education card sized

Ivory Graphics bring you the option of educational cards which can all be personalised to suit you and your requirements. Plan, design, customise and create educational cards which can be used as a powerful marketing tool by you and your business. Are you looking for cards to educate people and explain about your products or services? Look no further than Ivory Graphics.

We bring you educational cards as part of our fantastic range of custom cards to ensure we have everything you need right here in one place! Much larger than Bridge Cards or Poker Cards, Educational Cards are designed with extra space in mind so you can fit that all important information on! With 54 cards and FREE white tuck box, you can create almost anything using our educational cards. From Tarot Cards to Training Cards and Flash Cards too, we offer you the opportunity to customise cards in any way you want. You can also create Healthy Eating Cards, Games Cards, Exercise Cards, Sporting Cards and so on! The possibilities are endless with Educational Cards from Ivory Graphics.

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Education Card Sizes

Tarot sized tuck box, displayed to show front and back.

With 5mm radius corners, our Educational Cards are much larger than Poker Cards or Bridge Playing Cards. 78mm wide and 108mm high, these education cards are extra spacious so you can put more information on the front. This is ideal if you have products with long lists of technical features that you want to inform potential customers of! Never miss a bullet point with Educational Cards from Ivory Graphics!

Like all the customisable playing cards we offer, our education cards are plastic coated to ensure optimum durability when held in the hand. Both sides can be personalised in any way you want and as these cards are printed on 350um Zanta Games Board, you are receiving education cards which have been manufactured to the highest quality. Choose from 30 or 54 card decks or call us today for a FREE quote on decks with more or less cards.

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Education Cards Examples

Education sized cards, landscape orientated, healthy eating cards
  • Flash Cards are cards printed with words, pictures or numbers of your choice and are displayed briefly as part of a training exercise. It has been proven that using repetition with Flash Cards as part of a learning drill improves memory and therefore helps with everyday activities in the workplace.
  • Training Cards are cards that have been printed with pictures or words of your choice which then can be used to educate people. You can have 54 different cards printed in full colour both sides.
  • Healthy Eating cards, Game cards and Exercise cards are based on a similar principle as Training Cards. Take Healthy Eating Cards as an example. You could have 54 different cards with 54 different recipes. Trying a new recipe every day could help you live the lifestyle you have been trying to for so long!
  • Tarot Cards are originated sometime in the 14th-15th centuries in northern Italy. Each card has a unique astrological meaning and numeric significance and it is believed that they can be used to gain insight, clarity, and achieve greater control over issues involving relationships, life changes, family, career, health, spirituality and dreams.
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