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Promotional Playing Cards

card to suit your needs

Cards to suit
your needs

Promotional playing cards:
make your brand stand out from the rest
Promotional playing cards are a unique way for companies both large and small to promote themselves whilst simultaneously showing off the products and services that they offer. Separate yourselves from the brochures and business cards and give potential clients a handy keepsake. Because who doesn’t have a pack of cards at home?

Standard Sizes

It’s a little known fact that there are 2 standard sizes of playing cards: Bridge (56 x 87mm), standard in the UK & Europe. Poker (63 x 88mm), standard in the US.

Bridge is smaller than Poker so a more cost effective purchase for promotional use. Of course it depends what the event is and how the promotional playing cards fit in to the event. For example you wouldn’t buy Bridge if you were having a Casino event because all the games in Casino’s are Poker based. Also if you have a Magician on your stand you would be best advised to get your magician to try a pack of our cards before any purchase. Magicians prefer a textured material for extra control; just ask for our Sure Slip material. They also mainly use Poker size. It is possible to split any order and make a few packs for the Magician in Poker and the rest in Bridge to give away at your promotional event if you really need to or you can just do them all in Poker size.

promotional playing cards
Collection of promotional playing cards 1

How can I use promotional playing cards and why?

Promotional playing cards are the perfect hand out, small in size but large in quality and content. Although for a promotion, these playing cards will last a long time. But it isn’t just longevity you’ll get; your playing cards will be engaging. Clients can’t resist fanning them out, flicking through the pack and playing card games with them. Imagine coming back from an event with a pile of business cards, a couple of weirdly shaped pens and perhaps a t-shirt and other miscellaneous promotional merchandise. What would you do with them? A pack of promotional playing cards can fit in your pocket. They might find a way into your client’s desk, maybe even their home. Promotional playing cards are the perfect hand out because they are a very handy keepsake and there is nothing better than a branded keepsake. If that’s your companies/organisations logo on the back of those cards, your brand will resonate with that person for long time to come.

Promotional playing cards are the perfect hand out because they are a handy keepsake and there is nothing better than a branded keepsake. If that’s your companies/organisations logo on the back of those cards, your brand will resonate with that person for years to come.

Collection of promotional playing cards 2

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Standard promotional playing cards: This is with your branding on the backs of the playing cards and tuck boxes.

Deluxe promotional playing cards: This is with the playing cards customised using your own faces or slightly modified advertising your products, services you offer or educating people about what you do. When you play with playing cards you look at the faces and the backs are what you can see on playing cards this is nearly always a common image throughout the pack. When you personalise the faces every playing card can be different so you can list 52 different products or services. So a pack of promotional playing cards is more like a brochure that fits in your pocket.

Also there‘s 4 extra cards; normally 3 Jokers and a score card. But these can be changed completely to suit you. They could be vouchers or a business card perhaps instead.

Carter Builder Cards

Creating a relaxed fun sales pitch: If you see clients who see a lot of sales people. How are they going to remember you? After all if every company they see is offering the same products it’s only the sale person’s connection with the client and offer that matters to them. One way to get a better connection was created by one of our customers an Architect. Instead of walking in with a large brochure and plans he turned up sat down and pulled out a pack of playing cards.

He explained that working with an Architect was a very personal choice and they should try and get to know each other and see if they shared the same ideas. Of course the deck of playing cards was full of illustrations showing his previous work. That showed different styles of buildings and plots he had designed in the past.

Create your own card game: Not suited for every business, more for a creative agency or designers. Can you design a game about your business or about the sector that you work in? Then this is a great way to promote your business. Alternatively if the game is amazingly good you could sell it on line on Amazon or Esty.

agile gorilla and-power station studios cards.jpg

Promotional Trumps: Of course you don’t have to use playing cards. Previously we had a well-known hotel chain have trump packs with 36 different locations they had hotels in, all in the form of a trump game. Trump cards are next in line in terms of popularity in card games.

Employee Gifts/Rewards: Fun incentive to remind them why they work at your company. Previously we created trumps for a design firm where each card was an employee and contained funny rhetoric’s about that person. These are also great for settling in new employees and breaking the ice.

Annual Company Meeting or Convention: When you have a lot of colleagues meeting up for the first time, why not create a game called Who’s Who? Designed for everyone to get to know each other better, all you would need is a picture of each person and there name. These can be added to the cards and then everyone has to get the answers from each other and fill in the cards.

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