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Instruction Leaflets

Instruction Leaflets

When making a custom game you always need to add instructions so everyone can understand how your game is played. At ivory Graphics we make a lot of different games. So we thought we would give everyone as much choice as possible because every game is different and so are the instructions.

Firstly if you have a card based game. Try to use both sides of an extra card. If that's not enough room then you could try 2 cards. (One game we make has one instruction card per player, 4 player per pack). If cards are ok for your instruction then just add extra cards to your game. A normal pack of playing cards has 52 cards for the game but there are 55 or 56 cards per pack because this is how many cards fit on a sheet. (Defendant on size of cards). 

For a more expansive instructions we can make leaflets to any card size and then fold them down to the size of the cards. This makes it easy to insert the instructions into the tuck box with the game cards. Our way of working is different to normal A paper sizes because the instruction have to fit into the tuck box. Each rectangle represents a card. If your cards are Bridge or Large Tarot the system works the same way.

Instruction leaflets

Instruction Books

Some games will need more explaining so a book is your next best option if they are to be packed in to a tuck box, The book should be the same size as the cards and can have as many pages as required. Our books are perfect bound and pages are in sets of 4's. 24 in the Minimum amount of pages for books.

If you are making a game and have a larger box. Instructions in the form of Leaflets or Books can be made using A Sizes for example A6, A5, or A4. Other sizes are available.