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Our Studio Services

Our comprehensive Design Studio services are dedicated to ensuring you achieve the utmost from your creative ideas. Whether you require a complete setup of your creation or minor print-ready adjustments, our team is here to help. Contact us today at to start your dream card deck!

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Tier 1

This tier is always included and involves minimal work, ensuring your artwork is in a good state overall.

Services Provided:

  • No artwork adjustments needed.
  • Provision of up to three digital proofs.
  • Setting up a simple box and card back if required.

Time Limit: N/A
Price: FREE with every order
Quote: Included in product quote.

Tier 2

Includes the services in the Standard Tier, with extra adjustments to prepare the artwork for print.

Example Services:

  • Adding bleed to artwork.
  • Minor adjustments such as moving in elements.
  • Converting simple Magenta or Cyan vectors to metallic.

Time Limit: 30 minutes
Price: £60.00
Quote: Sent separately to product.

Tier 3

Includes the services from the Standard Tier, with more complex modifications and setup.

Example Services:

  • Fitting artwork to templates.
  • Resizing artwork (if not scalable).
  • Converting complex vectors to metallic.

Time Limit: 1 hour
Price: £100.00
Quote: Sent separately to product.

Tier 4

Includes the services in the Standard Tier, with significant work to create or modify artwork.

Example Services:

  • Adding metallics to artwork if supplied as .psd files or flat.
  • Creating new artwork based on content supplied.

Time Limit: Charged hourly via timesheet
Price: £100.00 an hour
Quote: Sent separately to product, with an estimate on time and cost.