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Flash Card Printing

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Designing Your Flashcards

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Flash cards are a great way to teach your staff or help students with any language revisions. The printing of flash cards are unique from other packs of cards because each flash card has different content or design on the front and back of every card. Playing cards or most card games the backs of the cards are always a common image to stop people memorising the cards. With flash card printing you are really trying to do the opposite. Flash cards can be printed in lots of different card sizes it really depend on how much content you have on each card and how they are going to be used. If they are going to be used by an individual then a smaller cards would suffice. You may want to use them with a class or a group. So larger cards would be better. When adding content if the text has to be very small, like 6pt. Then a bigger card would be required, it’s always best to keep text to a size that is clearly readable like 11pt, which is the standard size of text on a newspaper.

We understand that everyone that comes to us for flash card printing has a completely different agenda to another person. That’s why we don’t have any set rules like how many cards in a pack. It could be 24 cards in a pack or 36, 56 or even 1132 cards. It depends how your flash cards work for your project. Once you have chosen your flash card size and amount of cards per pack. You can then make a box to put them in. We have lots of different options available from a standard tuck box these can be 24 cards upwards. Anything smaller we can make a wallet to hold the flash cards. For larger amounts like 500 cards we can put them in to a rigid display box. Whichever way your flash card printing goes we have a cost effective solution available.

If you are new to the idea of printing flash cards and having them made seems like a major task. Don’t worry we have helped lots of clients do the same thing. Whether you are designing them yourself, or you need us to design them for you, we’ve got the tools you need.

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Slab Typefaces

Your Design Options

Designing your own Flash Cards

There are extensive templates and help sheets for Adobe Creative Suite for working in Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. Other suitable programs are Inkscape or Coral Draw. You can use any program as long as the file can be exported as a PDF. Our Studio is also on hand to help. We always advise to find the card with the most content. Create just this card first and send it to the Studio. We can then advise you on their suitability.

Using our Graphic Designers

Alternatively, we have our graphics design team who can design them for you. Perhaps you have your own idea but can’t put this in artwork form. In that case our Studio can set this up for you. While you get on with your own work and all you have to do is check proofs and send back comments.

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Bespoke Illustrations

Design from concept to completion

We will create three different concepts based upon the brief you provide. The images below are three examples of the same data in different concepts. You can then pick a style you feel fits your pack and we’ll create the artwork for you. Other styles of illustration can be provided, just send us a sample and we’ll see what we can do for you!

Bespoke Flashcard illustrations
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Flashcard Prototypes

Normally when you go to a printer they will send you a proof via email. Once approved they go in to production and the next time you see them there’s a thousand of them! We have found over the years that’s really not us. Because we take great pride in our work and we want to work with you to ensure those one thousand or one hundred decks are going to look and feel the best they possibly can be before you commit. Our test pack scheme is our very own way of making sure you're happy.

Test packs enable you to see your artwork in physical form which can be very informative and may lead to vast improvements. Clients have received their test packs and instantly made corrections, changed colours and occasionally even the size and materials. Occasionally things are missed on digital proofs or the idea is such a complicated concept that you need to see the pack in the flesh so you can understand how it all actually works. Occasionally clients order multiple test packs to further refine their idea. This is a process that has proven itself invaluable time and time again.

A lot of flash card printing is done in Education or Large Tarot size. Although A7 is a more cost effective size and this is the size we recommend for Flash Card printing.

Click here to find out more about our test deck service

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How We Work

Obviously we cant just give everyone who asks a free pack of custom printed flash cards. So it works like this. To do a test pack we charge for example £28.50 + Vat for a Poker pack with 56 cards and a custom tuck box. If once you have tested your pack, you then order 100 packs or above we will give you the test money back.

We have made a design of a Flash card printing Front and Back of one card in every standard size we do. You will see that the content and proportions change, as the cards get larger. We have kept the text the same size 11pt and just added more text. The text count shown is at the side of each card.

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Flash Card Print Sizes

A lot of flash cards are printed in Education or Large Tarot size. Although A7 is a more cost effective size and this is the size of the cards made on our Online Flash Card Creator.

  • Square 50: 50 x 50mm
  • Patience: 42 x 63mm
  • Bridge: 56 x 87mm
  • Poker: 63 x 88mm
  • Square 76: 76 x 76mm
  • Skat: 59 x 91mm
  • Trumps: 62 x 100mm
  • A7: 74 x 105mm
  • Education: 78 x 108mm
  • Large Tarot: 89 x 127mm
  • Tall Tarot: 89 x 146mm
  • A6: 105 x 148mm
  • Display: 110 x 155mm
  • A5: 148 x 210mm
  • A4: 210 x 297mm
  • SRA3: 320 x 450mm