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Luxury Playing Cards. Made In The UK. Professionally print your own personalised playing cards on our unmatched premium cardstock.

Luxury Playing Cards

Take your playing cards to the next level
with our luxurious printing

Luxurious Playing Cards

Choosing luxury playing cards is more than a choice; it's an investment in quality, artistry, and a superior gaming experience. It reflects a commitment to excellence and a passion for the finer things in life.

At Ivory, our mission is to champion the beginners of change by providing a complete service for manufacturing card packs in the UK, including luxury options that meet the highest standards of quality and design. Whether you're entering the market with a new idea or looking to elevate an existing product, our luxury playing cards offer a distinguished and memorable way to achieve your goals.

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Choose Your Deluxe Packaging

At Ivory, we understand the importance of choosing the right packaging and so we offer two distinguished options: tuck boxes and rigid boxes. Both packaging styles can be elevated with shiny metallic inks and bespoke metallic foil stamping, adding a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your card packs. Here’s our guide to help you decide which one is right for you:

Step up your packaging by adding metallic ink to your tuck boxes!

Tuck Boxes

The traditional playing card box is a staple in the playing card industry, renowned for its simplicity and functionality. Its lightweight design makes it an ideal choice for card games that are often carried around, ensuring ease of transport and convenience for users on the go.


  • Cost-Effectiveness: Tuck boxes are less expensive to produce than rigid boxes, making them a budget-friendly option for both small and larger print runs.
  • Flexibility: The foldable nature of tuck boxes allows for easy storage and handling, catering to the dynamic needs of card game enthusiasts.
  • Speed of Production: Tuck boxes can be produced quicker, enabling faster turnaround times for projects with tight deadlines.
Metallic silver foil stamping to make your rigid box feel even more luxurious

Rigid Boxes

Our rigid boxes offer an elevated level of style and protection. Crafted from sturdier materials, rigid boxes are designed to protect the cards within, while providing a premium unboxing experience that can enhance the overall value of your product.


  • Durability: The solid construction of rigid boxes offers superior protection for the cards, making them less prone to damage during transport and storage.
  • Premium Appeal: Rigid boxes exude luxury and quality, appealing to collectors and those seeking a more upscale product. The option for intricate designs, including metallic inks and foil stamping, further elevates the aesthetic appeal.
  • Enhanced Unboxing Experience: The sturdy nature and potential for intricate designs makes the unboxing of a rigid box an event itself, adding value to your customers experience.

We are committed to guiding you through the selection process, ensuring that your playing cards not only meet but exceed expectations. By leveraging our expertise, CE/UKCA certified products, sustainable energy, and FSC® certified materials, we champion you to make an informed decision that aligns with your vision and values.

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How To Design & Make A Custom Card Deck

We love guiding innovators and creators through the creative process, ensuring that your vision comes to life with both flair and functionality. Here's our step-by-step guide to designing a playing card, tailored to beginners and seasoned designers alike.

  1. Conceptualise Your Theme
    • Define your theme: Begin by deciding on the theme of your playing card deck. This could range from classic elegance to modern, whimsical, or thematic concepts like fantasy, nature, or historical periods.
    • Research: Look for inspiration related to your theme. This will help you identify design elements that resonate with your concept, including colour schemes, iconography, and typography.
  2. Choose Your Card Stock
    • Select cardstock: The feel of the cards in your hand is crucial. Choose from our FSC certified cardstocks; Sureslip 310gsm (textured) and Heretic 310gsm (smooth), while considering the playing experience you want to offer.
  3. Design the Card Faces
    • Layout: Each card face needs a clear layout. Standard decks have four suits, but feel free to innovate. Ensure there's a balance between design elements and white space for clarity.
    • Iconography: Design icons, numbers, and imagery that fit your theme. Consistency across the deck is key to a cohesive look.
    • Typography: Choose fonts that complement your theme. Remember, legibility is paramount, especially for numbers and letters.
  4. Design the Card Back
    • Symmetry: Card backs are typically symmetrical. This ensures that the orientation cannot be discerned from the back, maintaining fairness in gameplay.
    • Branding: Incorporate your logo or a unique design element that represents your brand or the deck's theme.
  5. Add Creative Finishes
    • Unique elements: Think about adding unique luxurious touches such as cello wrapping, metallic inks, or bespoke foil stamping for a distinctive touch.
  6. Test your Deck
    • Print a prototype: Before committing to a full print run, print a free prototype of your deck. This allows you to see your pack in person, ensuring everything looks and works as intended.
    • Test and refine: Share your prototype with potential users for feedback. Use this input to refine your design, making necessary adjustments for clarity, aesthetic appeal, and playability.
  7. Finalise and Prepare for Print
    • Pre-press checks: Ensure all designs are up to the required resolution and in the correct format as specified by our guide. Double-check alignment, colours, and text.
    • Printing specifications: Communicate about specifics like card stock, finishes, and any special requirements. We’re here to guide you through this process, ensuring your cards not only meet but exceed industry standards.

By following these steps, you're well on your way to creating a deck that captivates and delights players!

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