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Take the next step of luxury for your custom card deck by using shiny metallic inks. Made in the UK.

Metallic Ink Printing

Make your cards shine by
printing with metallic ink

What is metallic ink printing?

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In the ever-competitive market, distinguishing your brand and creating a lasting impression is paramount. By leveraging the luxurious allure of metallic ink in the design of your cards and packaging is a game-changer. Its luminous sheen can craft visuals that don't just catch the eye but hold onto the attention, inviting a closer look for potential consumers that standard inks seldom provide.

When we venture into the realm of packaging, the role of metallic ink becomes even more pronounced. Packaging, after all, is the first physical touchpoint between the consumer and the product. Here, metallic ink can be a storyteller, weaving narratives of luxury, premium quality, and exclusivity. It can elevate the unboxing experience to a ceremonious event, wherein the consumer feels the thrill of owning something truly special.

But this luxurious appeal isn't just about aesthetics; it's also a powerful marketing tool. On retail shelves, products adorned with metallic ink can command attention effortlessly, standing out amidst a sea of standard packages, and beckoning consumers with a promise of quality and excellence. It's not merely packaging; it's an invitation to a premium experience, a glimpse into the superior quality that awaits inside. It can be particularly effective in limited edition releases, where the metallic sheen echoes the exclusivity and the unique value the product holds, enticing collectors and enthusiasts alike.

When we talk about brand perception, metallic ink can play a pivotal role. By accentuating logos and other branding elements with metallic ink, brands can carve a distinct identity that resonates with luxury and premium quality. It's an assertion of the brand's commitment to offering nothing but the best, fostering trust and loyalty among consumers.

Integrating metallic ink in cards and packaging is not just a design choice; it's a strategic move towards crafting a brand identity that echoes luxury, quality, and exclusivity, fostering deeper connections with the audience and carving a niche in the competitive market.

Metallic Ink Vs Foil Stamping

Metallic ink printing and foil stamping are two distinctly different processes that are used to achieve a similar end goal - adding a shiny, reflective element to a printed material to enhance its visual appeal and create a premium feel. Let’s delve into the specifics of each method:

Metallic Ink Printing

  • Printing Process: In metallic ink printing, metallic particles are suspended within the ink itself, which is then applied to the printing surface just like any other ink. This process can be integrated into standard printing techniques such as offset or digital printing, making it a more straightforward addition to a print job with other non-metallic colours.
  • Finish and Texture: The finish produced by metallic ink is somewhat more subdued compared to foil stamping. The metallic particles in the ink give a shimmering effect, but the shine is not reflective like foil stamping. The texture is smooth like standard ink and integrates seamlessly with the printed material.
  • Colour Variations: Metallic ink allows for complete freedom in colour variations as it can be mixed with any CMYK colour to create different hues and effects, providing more room for creativity and design complexity.

Foil Stamping

  • Printing Process: Foil stamping is a heat and pressure-based process where a foil is physically applied onto the surface using a heated die or stamp. It is a separate process from regular ink printing and requires additional setup.
  • Finish and Texture : Foil stamping produces a reflective, mirror-like finish that with its distinct texture can give an extremely luxurious feel to the printed product.
  • Colour Variations: Foil stamping involves the use of pre-coloured foils, which limits the availability of colours compared to the virtually unlimited colour mixing possibilities of metallic inks. However, a range of coloured foils are available for different effects. Find out more about our colour options.

The choice between metallic ink printing and foil stamping will depend on various factors including the specific design considerations, budget, and the desired final look you’re after. While metallic ink offers versatility and subtlety, foil stamping brings a high-shine and premium finish that can elevate a product to a luxury category.