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Custom card games

hand on flash card
This is a custom card game for large companies who are holding a conference and all their staff are meeting for the first time.

Lets say the companies has 100 people from 4 different offices meeting for the first time.

(Of course it could be less or even more people).

Who's Who is a great ice breaker and very simple to set up. All you will need is a picture and name of each person.

Then 4 or 5 questions here are some suggestions.

Which office they work from,

How long they have worked for the company,

Favourite city to visit,

Job Title,

How far do you travel to work,

Email Address

Mobile number

Or even a technical question that is specific to your business or industry.

There are no answers on the cards, when each person arrives at the event. They are given a pack of Whoï¿œs Who and a pen.

All they have to do is meet each person and find out the answers and in doing so everyone gets to know each other.

At the end of the event the person who has filled in the most card could even win a prize.

Every pack will be branded with the companies branding. Will also be a great keepsake to help people keep in touch.

See our Custom Card Games page for more info
By Zsuzsa