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Cello Bags

example of cello bags on Castle deck of playing cards

Cello Bags
Ideal for small sets of cards.

Protection, professionalism, packaging: cello bags could be the right choice for you.
We boast a selection of fabulous ways to protect your cards. You've heard of tuck boxes, personalised boxes and clear cases but what if you have fewer cards for each pack? 

Cello bags are ideal for small sets of cards. They create a more finished, polished feeling to a product and lends itself to a further sense of professionalism as a result. The material used is perfectly clear, which both provides protection for your product and gives it that shop-bought feel. Cello bags are easily resealable. The maximum number of cards that can fit in our cello bags is seven.

Why is packaging important?

A product's packaging communicates everything from projecting the audience of the product to the values of the company creating the product. Packaging is often regarded as important as the product itself because of how crucial it is for marketing and as a communication tool for your business.

Packaging can set you apart from the competition and according to The Paper Worker, one third of the consumer's decision making is based solely on product packaging. By finding the right finish for your cards and the best fit for protection of them, you convey your own care for the product and how much work and effort you have put into creating it.

Cello bags are available in the following sizes:

  • Bridge
  • Poker
  • Trumps
  • A7
  • Tarot
  • Large Tarot
  • Tall Tarot
  • Display

Are Cello bags the right choice for you?

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By Zsuzsa