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How To Use Our Online Game Maker

Step 1: Create an account

Making an account is the top of our list because it means that you can save your game and come back to it at a later time, you will also have the choice of signing up to our newsletters and blog notifications that introduce our new products. To make choosing from Ivory even more efficient, we give you the opportunity to see how your past and current quotes, orders, invoices, templates and saved packs.

Step 2: Choosing the name

Choosing the name of the board can be just as important as what the game is about. How will the name influence those hearing it for the first time? How original is the name, is it something that has been used in a similar context before? The name can impact how a potential player/customer will view it and whether it will catch their attention. We recommend to use unique names that are short but sweet, keeping their attention, but also their interest.

Step 3: Adding components

There are two different types of components; printable products and standard products:

- Printable products can be personalised, allowing you to add your artwork on them, they tend to be cards, game boards and boxes. 

- Standard products cannot have prints on as they already have a universal shape or design, they are game pieces, dice etc. 

Step 4: Arranging features & components

This step is all about the arrangement, where do you feel the game components should fit and how they should be played (do they need to be altered because of their unique position or shape). If you are using cards, maybe you want them to have a certain spot of the board (possibly indicated by an outline). 

Step 5: Uploading your artwork

To add your artwork to your game, we have a handful of templates to choose from. Our templates allow you to easily apply your designs and artwork to the board, cards or any other printable product. For even more information on how to upload, check out our Upload Files page.

Step 6: Editing

At this point, you should have added everything that you want in your board game. Now it is time to edit, re-arrange and make any changes accordingly. This could be small things, such as a typo or maybe something does not quite line-up correctly, etc. 

Step 7: Approving

Before we print your game, we want to make sure that you are happy with your creation. We will send you a proof email, where we check that you are happy with your design, artwork and components for the final time before we begin production.

Step 8: T&Cs

Before we begin production, you must agree to our Terms & Conditions, which verify that you are the holder of all copyrights to the game you have created.



Want to use our shop to sell? No problem

To advertise and sell your game on our website, you just need to create your very own Publish Page. This is where you can choose the images, text and specifications of your product, we then feature them in an eye-catching and informative layout. Decide things such as the game genre, play time, age rating and minimum players, and of course configure your sales price.



Not found all the information you are looking for? Or need some more detail? Just check out our Game Maker Handbook (found on website under Game Maker) that takes you step-by-step in detail.

By Sophie Shedden