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NEW Laser Cutting Service

Card With Slots - Alice in wonderland

Hey guys, what’s new at Ivory?
We’ve installed a new laser cutting machine into our workshop that can help you create anything you desire!

Which materials can you laser?

You can choose from a wide selection of materials including:
Wood, Acrylic, Card, Paper, Textiles, Leather, Foam, Rubber and Corrugated board.

Well, that sounds great – but why laser cut?

Laser cutting your product will set you apart from the competition and help you stand out.
It’s ideal for creating prototypes and we can also match to printed sheets with amazing accuracy.
With pinpoint precision, our laser cuts whatever design or pattern you wish into the material of your choice. Now that’s personalization.

Laser cutting to printed sheets

Cut any shape without using any tooling! Laser cutting bridges the gap between prototypes to the need to die cut. This means to can do short runs that allow you to change your cutting shape each time without paying for a tool again and again. With a laser all you need to supply is a new file.

So if you want to make special business cards or even invitations or playing cards with a special laser cut effect we will be happy to help.

Wedding invitations

Planning for your special day? Want a paper-cut illustration or lace effect on the front but don’t want to spend hours painstakingly cutting tiny bits of card out with a scalpel? We’ve just the thing. Speak to our estimator for choices on bespoke illustrations or lace patterns!

Anything else, Ivory?

There’s also an engraving option. We can engrave materials that we have in-house (such as stone, glass or Anodised Aluminium) or you can send us an item you’d like to have personalised - gift options available. Great way to create awards that really stand out. We can also mix materials to create unique pieces.

At Ivory we always offer great service with quick turnaround options.
To find out more about our laser cutting services please get in touch.
To get a quotation just provide us with a vector drawing plus a list of materials you want to use and the quantities required. Just email to

By Steve Shedden