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Ram Punching

Ram Punching

Ram Punching Description

Due to ever increasing demands we now offer a Trade & Personal Service for Ram Punching.
Ram Punching works by pushing the material through a die to create the desired shape – whether it be for cutting 3 side Booklets, Business Cards, Tickets, Playing Cards, Desk top pads or other Promotional products – and more. There are very few shapes which cannot be Ram Punched.
A Ram Punch would be used to punch square-cut material, whether it be paper, board, polypropylene or plastic. It can also punch stitched or folded booklets – so that Ram Punching is of increasing interest to print finishers. Attractively shaped promotional products, direct mail items and Post-It type notes can also be produced on a Ram Punch. Most types of materials can be made to any desired shape.
When the Ram Punch is activated it pushes the stack of material through the die onto the delivery tray – the size of the finished article will determine the type of punch required – up to a maximum of 230 x 230mm.
If you require a particular shaped die for Ram Punching these can be ordered (allowing an extra 10 days for the die to be made), at a one off cost if we do not have your required shape
We can normally deliver your order in 4 days, depending on quantities etc. Whichever service you require we guarantee delivery in that time of order.
For a Quotation send us a proof of your artwork and details of material and total run.