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Poster Printing

Extra Materials Description

Poster Printing Description

Today Posters can be found on every street corner. Advertising everything from Free Pizza to Amazing holidays in Spain. Posters are now more affordable than ever before for Printing and Design. Deals can be made then offers can change more quickly. Our full colour poster printing will help you get your message across. Colour posters are more appealing to the eye. Using full colour printed posters will help you stand out from the crowd.

Using our Agfa high definition poster printers, with the very latest piezo-electric inkjet technology, we are able to produce poster printing of exceptionally high definition at 720dpi,up to 1524mm (60 inches) wide. Posters for use away from sunlight. These Big Image posters are printed using Dye based Inks. Dye based inks produce extremely vibrant colours and are very economically priced. It should be noted that Dye Ink posters will fade if exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods. Used internally their life is virtually unlimited.
Sunlight stable posters? External use Big Image posters are printed using Solvent based Inks. Solvent inks are guaranteed stable against UV light exposure for up to three years. In practice the durability may be expected to be in excess of this. Solvent based inks are completely waterproof and can be printed directly on to a number of non-porous stocks.

Poster Prining Materials

We offer a wide range of materials, some are suitable for either Dye or Solvent inks and some are suitable for both.

Poster Printing on 170 gm - Photorealistic Matt Paper - (Dye and Solvent)
Poster Printing on 170 gm - Gloss Paper - (Dye and Solvent)
Poster Printing on 170 gm - Satin Paper - (Dye and Solvent)
Poster Printing on Wet Strength Paper - suitable for Bill boards - (Solvent)
Poster Printing on ‘Peelezee' Adhesive - Opaque Film - (Solvent)
Poster Printing on Backlit Film for use in lightboxes - (Dye and Solvent)
Poster Printing on PSV Pressure Sensitive Vinyl - Vehicle Graphics - (Solvent)
Poster Printing on Reinforced Banner - Vinyl - (Solvent)
Poster Printing on Cling Film - (Dye)
Poster Printing onTreviera Polycloth - (Dye and Solvent)


We are also able to supply pop-up display stands, roller displays etc. Please ask for a quote if your specific Poster printing Big Image requirement is not covered.


Lamination using 43 micron plastic film on the face side is standard on 170 gm Photorealistic Matt paper.
Encapsulation is similar to lamination except that the plastic is applied to both sides of the poster and extends beyond the poster edges. This makes the poster effectively waterproof and extremely durable. Encapsulation is available in three grades: 43 micron, 125 micron and 250 micron per side.
Mounting the posters on to 10mm Centafoam board makes a rigid display which looks particularly appealing and ideal for use at exhibitions and presentations.
Roping and Eyeletting banner vinyl allows the banner to be hung outside.