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Skat Sized Cards

59mm x 91mm, Plastic Coated, Round Cornered Playing Cards.
59mm x 91mm, Plastic Coated, Round Cornered Playing Cards.
£ 4.75 for upto 20 cards
Additional Price
£ 0.16 per card
Final Size (mm)
59 x 91
Zanta Games Board
Material Thickness
Material Finish
Plastic Coated
Max Cards
Required Artwork Size (mm)
65 x 97


Skat cards are 59mm x 91mm. Which used to be called 'Scat', it is a trick-taking game, typically played by three people at a time. Our Skat cards come blank so that you can personalise them for any game or use and just choose the Skat size.

All our skat playing cards are made with highest quality plastic coated materials to ensure a great playing experience. If you are looking for a deck of skat cards which is easy to fan, shuffle and deal then Skat Playing Cards from Ivory Graphics are the right choice for you. We have specially developed our decks to be durable and manufactured them to feel nice and smooth when held in your hand. Want to personalise your skat playing cards too? Speak to us today and we can discuss your skat playing card options!

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