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Game Maker Updates
  • Posted By : Ivory
    Member Since: 21st April 2016
    Posted on: 9th March 2022 2:27 PM
    Hi Everyone,

    We'd like to thank you all for your patience with us on Gamemaker and we apologise for the interference you've experienced with our services. We are currently working on having Game Maker back online by next week, unfortunately we will be taking off certain components like game boards, large game boxes and chits indefinitely.

    Game Maker is still an important project to us that we'd like expand, but unfortunately this is the best that we can do at the moment. Since we are unable to get the supplies necessary and with the increased material and running costs; producing boards, chits and larger game boxes is no longer sustainable for us.

    We are happy to answer any questions either here on our forum or at info@ivory.co.uk.

    Thank you very much,
    The Ivory Team
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  • Posted By : markmarsay
    Member Since: 3rd February 2021
    Posted on: 10th March 2022 8:37 AM
    Good News!
  • Posted By : ZonicProductions
    Member Since: 5th January 2021
    Posted on: 13th March 2022 11:32 PM
    Would you be able to supply game mats as an alternative to boards?
  • Posted By : VHT
    Member Since: 25th September 2020
    Posted on: 10th April 2022 5:57 PM
    Very disappointing and frustrating!!! End of last year, you implied that game production would be available again in the March/April timeframe. Had you told us that by then boards and boxes would no longer be available, we could have found alternative manufactures in the meantime; so, now we have lost 3 to 4 months in addition to adjusting our artwork to another manufacturer's specification.
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