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Explaining of the prizes please!!
  • Posted By : dve2001
    Member Since: 24th June 2021
    Posted on: 29th June 2021 2:46 PM
    I might buy 25mm circular chits. I am starting my own company in the Netherlands. A board game company obviously and I am making a cost scheme. My question is:
    - There is said: 6 Pounds for 25 mm chits up to 140 pages,
    -Max 450 pages
    - 0.04 per page.

    Does this mean for 140 pages it is 6 pounds? Or is it 6 pounds with an additional 140 times 0.04?
    And a bit related to his, do they mean 1 chit per page, or is there something like 20 chits per page?

    Excuse me for my English but I will hope for a response :)
  • Posted By : MatthewLED
    Member Since: 22nd August 2017
    Posted on: 20th July 2021 9:18 PM
    Hi - I can help answer this. It means that for 6 pounds you get 140 chits and each one can have a different design, if you wish. If you go over 140, then it is an additional 4p per chit.
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