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Card Material Choice
  • Posted By : Swidge
    Member Since: 20th October 2020
    Posted on: 20th October 2020 8:19 PM
    Hi, I'm looking at the various options for printing about 200 cards for my game but the Gamemaker interface doesn't seem to allow the option to choose card materials unlike the standard Ivory website. Is there a way to choose these options or would I be better going outside of the gamemaker part of the site?
  • Posted By : Ivory
    Member Since: 21st April 2016
    Posted on: 3rd November 2020 4:30 PM
    Hi Swidge,
    The Game Maker is a self service platform and so to keep this simple we print all Playing and Game Cards on the same stock.
    If you go through the quote process on the Ivory site then you can select a more custom product.

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