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I've got colour problems when I'm uploading artwork
  • Posted By : Johanna
    Member Since: 13th September 2020
    Posted on: 10th October 2020 5:27 PM

    I am trying to upload artwork to create poker sized cards and the colours are confusing me :-)

    The cards fall into 3 categories, so all cards are colour coordinated black, red or blue. All the black and red cards have uploaded without a hitch, but little over half of my blue cards are showing green on the screen.

    It is soo confusing! They are all PDFs created out of one illustrator document. The document colour mode is CMYK, and the blue colour in all my PDFs are EXACTLY the same blue before it is uploaded to your website, when I'm looking at the PDFs in for example preview.

    Is this a problem you have come across before? I am pulling mohair out here in trying to figure out why so any help is welcome:-)

  • Posted By : Sloth123
    Member Since: 19th September 2020
    Posted on: 25th January 2021 7:46 PM
    I found this too - Uploading 100x100 cards using the AI template, saved as PDF and all my purples came out as blue (which is quite noticeable when you have mostly purple cards).
    After fiddling with a lot of diffferent settings I found that changing the colour mode for the template to RGB instead of the more natural CMYK meant that the the file uploaded and previewed with the correct colours. I can only hope it would print with those colours too.

    This was 'High Quality Print' with 'Acrobat 5 (PDF 1.4)' selected in the export dialog from Illustrator.
  • Posted By : KJUICE
    Member Since: 29th September 2020
    Posted on: 12th February 2021 8:47 PM
    im having the same problem with the game box my orange is coming out red i dont know what else to do
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