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Cards printed or cut off-centre
  • Posted By : jvhemert
    Member Since: 21st February 2020
    Posted on: 4th August 2020 8:09 PM
    I have created a bespoke deck of cards and received a copy.

    The cards have a typical playing cards layout where the bottom and top are identical, with the bottom artwork rotated 180 degrees with respect to the top artwork.

    The artwork is noticeably off-centre. I have measured the distance of both the left edge to an item on the top of the card and the right edge to the same item appearing on the bottom of the card; the difference is 2 mm. On the PDF these distances were exactly the same. I can supply pictures if necessary.

    The vertical centration is spot on.

    Is this a production error or assumed to be within tolerance?
  • Posted By : Ivory
    Member Since: 21st April 2016
    Posted on: 5th August 2020 1:23 PM
    Hi jvhemert,

    Sorry to hear about this, could you please email us some picture of the offending items to "gamemaker@ivory.co.uk" and we will investigate this problem with you.

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