Posted on: 22nd April 2020 3:36 PM

I am a French customer so I hope you will forgive me for my english...

I have already read some posts in the forum about problems similar to mine. But I did not find a solution to my particular situation.

I created many pdf files for my game (game box, playing card box, board...). I made them in CYMK as requested.

At the proof step, all the colours are brighter than when reading the pdf files in adobereader. I told myself this must be normal because screen can"t show real colours of a CYMK file (I think I read that in the ivory website).

But when I received the game, the playing card box was the only product that had perfect colours compared to my pdf files. The others had brighter colours. I can't explain neither solve it since I created all those artworks the same way form Illustrator.

Can you help me ?