Posted on: 21st October 2019 2:49 PM
Hi All,

First post here so forgive me for being in the wrong place - I had a search and I've not seen a similar post so here goes.

I was watching the recent Game Crafter conference (Thursday 17th Oct 2019) and one of their speakers' car broke down so a member of their team stepped in and spoke about their Crowd Selling campaigns.

The premise is similar to Kickstarter, except from at the end of the month a discount is applied to all buyers depending on the quantity of units purchased.

So if a game cost £20 on manufacturing on their site, and you typically sell it for £40/game, you could say it'll be £40/game if in the month it sells between 0-19 units, £37.50 for 20-99 units sold, £30 for 100-499 units, and £25 if >1000 sell.

They can also have different 'sets' so you could have a campaign page which contains the base game with the above prices, and a 5-6 player expansion as a separate option with similar discounts per units bought, or fancier pieces set, etc. So buyers can pledge for elements they want.

The benefit of this is that as the game would already be constructed through Ivory Games, there's no chance for the buyers that the project would collapse, and all buyers are rewarded for getting involved with the lowest price threshold hit so there's no downside to early investors.

I'd be interested in your thoughts, as I love the model but would like to use UK based companies (as I'm UK based myself).