Posted on: 12th July 2019 4:25 PM
I've just gone through from design to product, delivery and I have to say I'm super happy with the experience. So much so I thought I'd give you some feedback generally on the process - hopefully it can help in some way.

1) Finding you guys

Searching google did not get me to you easily, I eventually found you by looking on boardgamegeek for suggestions. Game Crafter is everywhere (and I've used them) but I explicitly wanted a different option and ideally somewhere close to home - so being UK based you win! However, it did take me a good few hours to even find out you existed.

2) Making the game

My game is a simple card game. I'll need a note pad and dice eventually but right now I just wanted to see what your cards came out like. The website is pretty klunky - it works, I can get things done - but it's not a good experience. Everything feels a bit slow and awkward to complete from working out where to order.

Game designer - why is each piece of artwork instance considered separately. I have to duplicate over and over and over - eugh, slow. The editing of cards is also pretty weird. I got it eventually but I struggled for quite a while first.

3) Buying a proof copy

No problems actually ordering what I wanted. Again website was a bit of let down again, my order didn't show up in my orders list. I couldn't find any record of what I'd ordered. My game was "locked".

4) Support

I posted to the forums and got a prompt answer explaining everything in a very friendly and open manner. Appreciate that more than anything.

5) Product and Delivery

Delivery and production was incredibly fast. I was amazed. Two days after ordering the pack comes through the door. Quality is excellent. Very happy with what I eventually got.

Anyway, super happy with results, just found the process a bit painful on the way.