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Custom Playing Pieces
  • Posted By : MatthewLED
    Member Since: 22nd August 2017
    Posted on: 4th April 2018 8:30 PM
    I'm looking for some suggestions please...

    I need to make a team of 5 playing pieces for each player, but they need to be uniquely identifiable (my prototype has a number on the back of each playing piece). So, each player has a team numbered 1 to 5. The reason is so that in round 1, each player moves piece "1", in round 2, each player moves piece "2", and so on.

    However, i cannot work out a way to do this using Ivory. I dont want to use chits for this because the playing pieces will be lost among all the other chits on the board (and are difficult to move).

    I'm wondering if it might be a useful addition to Ivory to be able to print out a small sticker sheet so that such customisations are possible. You often see this in game boxes. Any other ideas?

  • Posted By : Ivory
    Member Since: 21st April 2016
    Posted on: 5th April 2018 8:58 AM
    Hi Matthew,

    I'm afraid we don't have anything like number except like you printed chits. You could make chits of a different shape to the rest of what you're using. alternatively the only solution I can think is that you use our playing pieces such as the Bicycle, Motorbike, Bus, Boat etc... for you turn pieces.

  • Posted By : AyreGuitar
    Member Since: 16th April 2017
    Posted on: 15th April 2018 2:12 PM
    Whilst I agree that a sticker sheet would be a very useful addition for making games, perhaps a chit or card in a card stand might work:

    The chit/card could have an image/colour on one side and a number on the other. Maybe this is similar to your prototype with "a number on the back of each playing piece"?
  • Posted By : Ivory
    Member Since: 21st April 2016
    Posted on: 19th April 2018 8:54 AM
    Hi AyreGuitar,

    This is something we have considered and may be something we look to do when we have some time to reflect on our products.Thank you for the recommendation though, it confirms there is some interest in a product like this.

  • Posted By : MatthewLED
    Member Since: 22nd August 2017
    Posted on: 2nd August 2018 11:42 AM
    Thanks for the feedback.
  • Posted By : fifan
    Member Since: 21st July 2020
    Posted on: 21st July 2020 7:52 AM
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