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Custom Card Games

Custom Card Games

Custom Card Games

There are lots of different custom card games that can be branded with company details or you can even add your staff.

Branded card and a face card.

Playing Cards

This is the most common pack that is used for custom card games. There are two options for playing cards. These are available in two different Standard sizes. Bridge 87 x 56mm (standard in the UK) or Poker 88 x 63mm (Standard in the USA).

This may be quite confusing at first – but just consider what the cards to be used for! If they are for a Poker evening then Poker works best and there are also special Large Index faces for a Casino party. Whilst the playing cards may be for promotion then Bridge Size is cheaper because of the smaller size.

Customised one side: Add your company’s branding the back of the playing cards. There are standard faces on the front of the cards. We offer different styles of faces.

Customised both sides: These are the same as the above, whilst adding your own faces. Your faces can include text and images, + or you could add information about your industry. The faces would still have all the pips for playing cards just the middle of the cards would be changed.

trump card of skiing legend, Franz Klammer. Olypian.

Trump Cards

Trumps have a long history of different uses. The game, originally created in Germany, has 36 cards as standard – but this can be changed to suit whatever any custom card games need.

Usually, the back of the trump cards is a common image. With the Yeti Trumps the faces consist of 35 Skiers and 1 instruction card. The details on the card enable people to play against each other using any one of the five categories. The card with the highest score wins. This continues until one person wins all the trump cards.

For instance: if you sell holidays you could do a game about 35 different hotels; or if your business is about Architecture, you can do Trumps about 35 different buildings you have designed.

Filling in information on flash cards. Hand with pen, writing. Cards with pictures of people’s faces and questions.

Who’s Who

This is a custom card game for large companies who are holding a conference and their staff are meeting for the first time. Let us say the company has 100 people from 4 different offices meeting for the first time, of course it could be more or fewer people. Every pack will be designed with the company’s branding. Will also be a great keepsake to help people keep in touch.

Who’s Who is a great ice breaker and very simple to set up: All you will need is a picture of each person, their name and then a few questions.

Here are a few examples of questions you could use:
- Which office they work from, 
- How long they have worked for the company, 
- Favourite city to visit, 
- Job Title, 
- How far do you travel to work,
- Email address
- Mobile number
...Or even a technical question that is specific to your business or industry.

How to play: There are no answers on the cards.
When each person arrives at the event they are given a pack of Who’s Who and a pen. All they have to do is meet each person and find out the answers. The result of which is that everyone has a chat and gets to know each other better. At the end of the event the person who has filled in the most card could even win a prize.

Black and white cards custom card games

Cards Against Parodies

This is a totally new format for custom card games, which is proving very popular. The game can be created with any amount of cards and made on any card size. Just depends on the content on the cards. Friend group related (i.e create cards for your group of friends, your office/workplace) It could be anything though really, make them about your favourite sport team, tv/movie characters you could make some up with any premise and it would work.

Little Kids Playing snap card Game Together

Snap Cards

Snap is brilliant for younger players because you are using images that can be quickly recognised and kids just love this game. You can use any image that’s relevant to your business. You wont need a lot of text because the cards are used so quickly they wont be read. Snap is one of the easiest custom card games because you only need 28 different images to create a full pack of 56 cards. Bridge or Poker size is normally the best sizes to use.

Happy Families

This game is also more suitable to younger players. The whole pack consists of 8 different families and there are 4 cards for each family. Each family has their own style so they are easily matched. The players have to collect as many sets as possible to win the game. So with any custom card games they don’t have to be about families. They could be about Cakes or even Cars as long as you can create different groups on any subject you have created an unique custom card games.