Creating your Game

Adding Components

Now that we have our game named we can now start to add components to it, do so by selecting Add Item to Game. This will take you to the add items page. You can click on the name of a component and it will bring up information about that component, including templates, images and such.

When you have chosen a component click Add Product.

Preparing/Uploading Your Artwork

Step One:

Download the correct template by clicking View Full Details on the component you are interesting in making up artwork for. From there on the right hand side download the correct template for the software you are using.

Step Two:

A. Identify which type of design you will be using:
1. Single Cut Design: Each card is set next to each other on a sheet without a gully. Design will require a common border on every edge.
2. Full Bleed Design: Each Card is set next to each other with a gully. No border is required.

Correctly setup your artwork taking into account the following:

B. All content such as text and images must be confined within the blue line.

C. All backgrounds, borders and anything that exceeds the blue line must continue to the edge of the bleed area.
D. All images and effects and are a minimum of 300 ppi.
E. All content is created in the CMYK colour space (colour mode).
F. If the artwork is for playing cards, check to ensure you have created a complete set and supplied the artwork in the desired order.
G. Ensure all content is centrally alligned.

Please ensure all artwork is supplied with all templates and explanation layers removed/turned off.

Step Three:

Once you are ready to upload your artwork submit it via the Add Artwork button in .PDF format.

Please ensure that all cards are in the correct order in the PDF file. Once you have uploaded your files the next step is to await final print proofs.

Why is all this important?

We put a huge emphasis on mantaining a high level of quality and in light of this we have multiple guidelines and checks in place in order to meet the standard you should expect from us. Despite this both printing and cutting are mechanical processes. With this comes small amounts of variation to our final product. The amount of bleed and border we give ensures your artwork is not affected by this slight movement. The only time this becomes an issue is when the templates supplied aren’t correctly followed.

Editing artwork

To edit artwork click edit artwork under the game component you wish to make changes to.

Edit Page Elements:

Item Name: You will notice at the very top you are able to choose a name for your component, this is particularly useful if you have multiple instances of the same component.

Zoom Bar: Drag this left and right to zoom in and out. Use this to give you a better overview of your items or zoom in to get a closer look on an individual item.

The Stack Tool: This is the tool used to rearrange items and is particularly useful for cards where the order might be critical to how your game is played. [INFO ON HOW TO BRING UP STACK TOOL HERE] Now that you have pulled up your stack tool you can move it around by clicking anywhere around the red, holding and moving to the desired location.

To rearrange cards click and hold on the card you wish to rearrange, depending on what you are trying to achieve there are two methods:

  • To swap the face or back of one card, simply swap them around.
  • To rearrange cards drag them into the stack, move cards into the open space and then move them back from the stack.

Proofing & Approval

Before anything is printed it is important that all printable artwork is approved and signed off by yourself. To do this click proof on the component you need to approve.

From here you can see the order, which card has which back and see what the cards will look like final size.

Proofing Page Elements:

Show Proof Lines: Clicking this brings up the magenta proof line. This line indicates the final size of your product.

Show Check Lines: This will bring up an additional cyan line, known as the check line. All text, images and general content needs to be contained within this blue line. If it is not, you are at risk of running into problems when the cards get cut.

Prior to approval you can edit, reupload and make as many amendments as you see fit.

For more information regarding setting up artwork, see Preparing Artwork above.