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High volume of sales should lower the cost
  • Posted By : Mostly Pixel
    Member Since: 20th October 2017
    Posted on: 14th November 2017 9:53 AM
    Hi there,

    First of all I'm liking the website so far, and I'm looking forward to placing my game on here.

    However, the cost of producing a game is rather high, meaning I have to compromise quite heavily to make a reasonably priced game.

    Before I move on, I think I understand the reasons of the current production cost:
    1. There is no way for you to know how many will actually be sold, and so IVORY may have to produce low volumes.
    2. This game maker website is still technically quite young.
    3. Free shipping to UK means you're absorbing other costs too.

    I believe this could be a solution: A reward system which reduces the cost of a game when a game is sold more than [xxx] amount per month, making us, the creators more profit or enable us to lower the price. Of course I don't know what is happening in your production line, so I'm unqualified to suggest an actual quantity, but this would be amazing at maturing the shop with big sellers, and encouraging creators to promote this shop more. Perhaps a gradual reward by percentage, for example:

    0 sold per month = full cost
    50-99 sold per month = 15% off
    100-499 sold per month = 20% off
    500-999 sold per month = 30% off

    An alternative solution could be that creators can pre-purchase a bulk of packs, lowering the cost (and lowering the risk for IVORY), ready to be sold in the shop.

    Thanks for reading my suggestions. I'm interested in hearing peoples thoughts on this.
  • Posted By : Ivory
    Member Since: 21st April 2016
    Posted on: 14th November 2017 10:15 AM
    Hi MostlyPixel,

    Thanks for the suggestions, you've clearly put a lot of thought in this but sadly a lot of this doesn't work for our business dynamic.
    We have looked into ourselves about how to make it easier for people to use the shop but as we don't make a stock of games in the shop, we hand make them to order so you see the production cost is always there.
    Also, just to touch on your discount idea, it would create a rather uneven market where long term games may become cheaper but the new guy starting out may never be able to get a sale because their game is too expensive even though a similar production value.

    If you have any other ideas or questions feel free to message us.

  • Posted By : Mostly Pixel
    Member Since: 20th October 2017
    Posted on: 14th November 2017 3:24 PM
    Hey Ash, thanks for the fast reply and for explaining. Hopefully, one day, someone will figure out an economic solution :)
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