Game maker service has resumed however certain components (boards, game boxes and chits), unfortunately will no longer be available.

You can read a longer statement here and we apologise for the inconvenience caused from this unfortunate situation.

How it works

No cost whatsoever. Have unlimited amount of games. Jump straight in to it.
Create a completely unique game from scratch.
Once happy with the design of your game, have it delivered.
Sell your game on our shop and turn your hobby into money.

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Make Your Own Game Online Today

Introducing the Ivory Game Maker, a completely new, innovative platform that gives users the ability to make a complete game from scratch, without the need to spend thousands of pounds.

The Ivory Graphics Game Maker keeps you in complete control, allowing you to create every aspect of your game from start to finish. From the design of each individual component, our new platform allows you to make your own game with ease.

Make Money from your New Game

Should you have a cracking idea for a new game, the Ivory Graphics Game Maker should be the first thing you consider. Not only can you make your own game online, we also provide you with the opportunity to market your game and sell it through our online shop.

By marketing your game in other ways though (through your own website perhaps or social media), the opportunity to make money is a decent one, especially if making games is something you love to do.

We supply as many of the popular parts and products as we can to assist you with the creation of your game. All you need to do is dream up a golden idea for a game and put your plans into action. We can help you there!