Inclusive Snap™

Welcome to Inclusive Snap™! If you've ever played this game before you know it's all about being the first to see two identical cards and saying SNAP to win them! Well, this version of the game is just a little bit different. The characters all have an impairment (or none!) in common. So, there's cards of wheelchair users, ones where the characters have a prosthetic and, of course, pairs of characters who have no impairments. 

There's some suggestions for activities, or learning opportunities, before and after you play the game. Have fun playing Inclusive Snap™, finding out about different impairments, and why including everyone is such a great idea for us all! #thinkINC
Designer : Busylifeandme
Release Date : 6th June 2021
Game Category : Card Games
Genre : Educational
Players : 2 - 6
Age Rating : 5+
Game Playtime : < 30 mins
Components :
  • Tarot Tuck Box - 56 Cards
    • Tarot 4 Page Leaflet
    • Tarot Sized Cards