There's a pandemic that has led to a national lockdown.

You have three tiers between the safety of your home and gaining immunity, and every household is in a race to get the vaccine.

Can you be the first to get your entire household immunity from the virus?

Obey the roll of six when leaving your house.

Check in on the news briefings and follow what Boris says. Will it be good news or bad? 

Be jolly careful when following the one way system, and be sure to collect immunity cards as you go.

Complete a set of immunity cards to enable you to pass each checkpoint and proceed to the next tier.

Pass the final checkpoint to get vaccinated and receive immunity.
Designer : richkeys
Release Date : 21st April 2021
Game Category : Board Games
Genre : Strategy
Players : 2 - 4
Age Rating : 5+
Game Playtime : 30 - 60 mins
Components :
  • Patience Sized Cards
    • Square Game Box
    • Halma Pawn Blue
    • Halma Pawn Green
    • Halma Pawn Red
    • Halma Pawn Yellow
    • Wrapped Quad-Fold Board
    • Patience Tuck Box - 56 Cards
    • 16mm White Spot Dice