We wanted to have a portable deck to play all our favourite card games. Our aims were to minimise the number of cards, make the cards easy to use for each game and to minimise the information on each card. We achieved this by using nine symbol locations and by organising these to cover exactly the games we wanted to include. The deck comprises 80 playing cards and 20 instructions cards. One of the cards explains the symbols and how these map to our favourite games. The deck includes a standard 52-card deck. We hope you enjoy many of the games we like to play; we have put them in the list below. In brackets we show the number of players [min-max]. Several games require access to tokens or you could use pocket change.

52 cards (a standard deck, +4 jokers included)

6 Nimmt! [2–5]

Arboretum [2]

Coup [2–6]

Diamonds [2–6]

Eternity [3–5]

Fox Forest [2]

Fugitive [2]

Love Letter [2–8]

Meinz [3–4]

No Thanks! [3–7]

Pairs [2–8]

Parade [2–6]

Rook [4]

Schotten [2]

Skull [3–6]

Skull King [2–6]

Schreckens [3–9]

Sticheln [3–5]

Tindahan [3–5]

Werewolf [3–10]

Designer : jvhemert
Release Date : 7th October 2020
Game Category : Card Games
Genre :
Players : 1 - 99
Age Rating : 5+
Game Playtime : < 30 mins
Components :
  • Poker Tuck Box - 100 Cards
    • Poker Sized Cards