Switch a king

Game setup

From the goal cards (green backs) take the king meeple and shuffle in poisoned drops until the number of goal cards equals the number of players. Deal one card face down in front of each player. Nobody is allowed to look at their goal card. Shuffle the action cards (blue backs) and deal each player 4 cards for 5 players, 5 cards for 4 players and 6 cards for 3 players. Any leftover cards (green and blue) are not used this round. The player who is dressed most royal starts the first round.

Game goal

Agree how many rounds you need to win. A round ends if everyone has played their last card or because someone played a last-turn action. A last-turn action can be overruled with another last-turn action. After the round everyone reveals their goal card. Whoever has the king meeple wins and starts the next round.

Game play

On your turn play one action card from your hand on the table and say out loud which of the two actions you want to use: top or bottom. This action is resolved. Play continues to your left. Simple!

Game content

20 action cars, 5 goal cards and 2 rules cards.

Learn more about Switch-a-king at its website http://switch-a-king.vanhemert.uk/

Designer : jvhemert
Release Date : 23rd August 2020
Game Category : Card Games
Genre : Party
Players : 3 - 5
Age Rating : 5+
Game Playtime : < 30 mins
Components :
  • Poker Sized Cards