Set course for Spitalmain!

If you like sailing about in a yacht and having beach barbecues then read on...

Welcome to 'Northman Board Games'

This is the third in our AVENTYR series of board games.

To set the scene;

You been invited by your friends, Ronny and Josie, to a barbecue at the little beach on the Isle of Spitalmain. You have all sailed there from different places but there has been a bit of a misunderstanding — nobody has brought any food to cook! Fortunately, there are many small islands nearby with amazing little shops that  sell a vast choice of really good provisions. You each decide to sail off, collect  some  of these provisions and return before the barbecue starts. However there are things out there to slow your progress. You might get caught in a storm and find yourself swept off course. There may be a problem with your steering gear because of a collision with a whale or a crew member might fall overboard. Conversely, you might find that a fair wind speeds you along at a good rate of knots or a favourable ocean current does the same.
Once everyone has returned to Spitalmain, the yacht that has brought back the most provisions is the winner.

There are many twists and turns providing fun and laughter along the way.

You don’t need to know anything about boats or sailing to play it.

The rules are easy to read and understand and it can be played by 1 person (record your score, play again and try to beat that score) or as many people as you can get around the board.

It has been designed as a game for adults but it’s also very suitable for kids of about 8 years and above. Because it’s quite fast moving, it does seem to hold the attention of young ones well.

The artwork on the board has some interesting and sometimes unexpected things to look at.

A 40 turn game takes about 20 minutes per person to play, a 30 turn game about 15 so it’s not long and tedious like some board games.

Contained within each box is a game board, 20 game play cards, 6 coloured counters, 2 x 6 sided dice, 1 x 4 sided dice and 1 x 20 sided dice.

Important note The ‘How to play’ sheets and the score / turn recording sheets are not included within the box. These are necessary to play the game but, happily, they are available to download free of charge by clicking on the links you see below.

You are most welcome to download these before you buy to see how easy the game is to play and to make sure that it’s suitable for your needs.

‘How to Play’ sheet – Spitalmain (2 A4 sides) 


Score / turn recording sheet for all AVENTYR series games.


Being less expensive than a mediocre meal out for two, you’ll find that buying this game will be money well spent as it will provide many occasions where family and friends sit around a table to play, chat and laugh with each other.

It’s time to reconnect with people…

Now, where’s the pizza delivery number…?

Designer : The Northman
Release Date : 8th July 2019
Game Category : Board Games
Genre : Strategy
Players : 1 - 6
Age Rating : 5+
Game Playtime : < 30 mins
Components :
  • Wrapped Quad-Fold Board
    • 63 x63 Playing Cards
    • Square Game Box
    • Opaque Yellow D20 Dice
    • 16mm White Spot Dice
    • Opaque Yellow D4 Dice
    • Halma Pawn Green
    • Halma Pawn Red
    • Halma Pawn White
    • Halma Pawn Yellow
    • Halma Pawn Black
    • Halma Pawn Blue