LBW is a simple card game suitable for all ages,based on the sport of cricket. LBW can be quickly learned and enjoyed whether you are an enthusiast or even if you have no understanding of the rules of cricket. There are four roles: batsman, bowler, scorer, and umpire; the players take it in turn to perform each of the roles.

The batsman is hoping to score as many runs as possible, either by hitting a six or by scoring based on the roll of a dice. The bowler is trying to get the batsman out by a masterly ball on the wicket,by a cunning LBW (Leg Before Wicket), by providing a catch or having him run out (Howzat) Sometimes the umpire has to be called upon to make a decision as to whether the batsman is out or not.  The scorer’s job is to keep track of the runs scored and provide a total score at the end of the innings.

LBW is both fun and educational - developing mental arithmetic as well as communication and social skills. LBW is light and compact making it suitable to play at home or on holiday.

Copyright  D.G Ward   Games Design UK   2016

Designer : Ivory
Release Date : 3rd February 2017
Game Category : Card Games
Genre : Sports
Players : 2 - 4
Age Rating : 5+
Game Playtime : < 30 mins
Components :
  • Bridge Tuck Box - 56 Cards
    • Bridge Sized Cards