56 Subject cards to test your general knowledge.Suitable for all agesLong lasting fun

Initials is a fast-paced game that tests the players’ general knowledge. Could you be the first to name 6 insects while your opponent's are trying to name subjects such as 6 farm animals. With 56 different subject cards, every player has a challenge. It's new, it's fast and it’s unique.

How it works:

2+ Players. All need Pen & Paper.

Deal one card , face down to each player.

All ready! Turn cards over.

The idea is to quickly jot down 6 Initials to 6 names that match the subject on the card. For example, let's say a card reads insects. In this case a player could jot down the Initials,

A  S. B. W. F. F. Answer.  Ant. Spider. Bee. Wasp. Fly. Flea. 6 good answers player must now call Initials, to stop play.

6 points if all answers are correct. Place all cards in to bottom of pack, deal next round.

First player to reach 36 points wins.

With a multitude of plays with one card alone Initials offers long lasting fun, at value, for the entire family.

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Designer : Joe Mandaracas
Release Date : 24th January 2017
Game Category : Card Games
Genre : Other
Players : 1 - 4
Age Rating : 5+
Game Playtime : < 30 mins
Components :
  • Poker Tuck Box - 56 Cards
    • Poker Sized Cards