Nuclear Poker

Nuclear Poker started life as a strategic simulation aimed at young generals too young to remember the Cold War. It is now a fun apocalyptic party game for between three and eight players. With rules a bit simpler than Gin Rummy, a hand of Nuclear Poker takes about ten minutes. Don’t worry, Mutually Assured Destruction only happens every three or four hands :)

We hope you will enjoy the game. The Nuclear Poker team in no way endorse nuclear war, or the planning and strategising of nuclear wars using our game.

Nuclear Poker is a collaboration between:
Vinay Gupta (rules) http://www.hexayurt.com
Ian Willey (art) http://ianwilley.com/

Twitter: @NuclearPoker
Facebook: facebook.com/PlayNuclearPoker
Tumblr: playnuclearpoker.tumblr.co

Designer : ianwilley
Release Date : 9th February 2017
Game Category : Card Games
Genre : War
Players : 3 - 8
Age Rating : 5+
Game Playtime : < 30 mins
Components :
  • Poker Tuck Box - 56 Cards
    • Poker Sized Cards