Project Ninjas

Are you ready to show off your ninja skills? 

Work together with other ninjas in a race against the clock. Project Ninjas is a collaborative board game where you'll work together with 4-5 other ninjas. Your mission is to complete a project on time, while mitigating the risks and challenges coming at you. Will your ninja team come out on top? Well that depends on how well you communicate, plan ahead, collaborate and demonstrate leadership in your team. Do you have what it takes to be a Project Ninja?

Designer : taniav
Release Date : 23rd September 2019
Game Category : Board Games
Genre : Strategy
Players : 4 - 6
Age Rating : 12+
Game Playtime : 30 - 60 mins
Components :
  • Square Game Box
    • Wrapped Bi-Fold Board
      • Halma Pawn Blue
      • Halma Pawn Green
      • Halma Pawn Pink
      • Halma Pawn Purple
      • Halma Pawn Red
      • 16mm White Spot Dice
      • Halma Pawn Orange
      • Poker Sized Cards
      • A5 Leaflet