Brexit The Board Game

Working out the Brexit deal requires patience, cunning, and forward thinking. Will you save the country, or unleash political and economic carnage?

Designed by an historian, EU expert and political insider with over 20 years' deep knowledge of the inner workings of both Westminster and Brussels - and road tested by senior referendum campaign figures who "really enjoyed it" - this is the inside story of the Brexit deal. But could you do a better job than the politicians and Whitehall negotiators currently running the show?

You'll be

- Shocked by the duplicity of your colleagues sneakily pursuing their own separate strategic goals;

- Troubled by wobbly MPs ramping up the stakes;

- Vexed by the prospect of more red buses;

- And occasionally induced to do a bit of silliness in the name of fulfilling the democratic mission.

This is a game of particular relevance for those studying politics, trainee civil servants, Brexit addicts, MPs with a sense of humour, and anybody trying to understand the dynamics of what is going on. Or it might be raining outside and the box does look rather nice.

The game has had massive media coverage - being reported on in the Sun, the Daily Telegraph, on BBC Radio 4's From Our Own Correspondent (in Brussels), on BBC World Service, on CNN ...
Designer : Lee Rotherham
Release Date : 3rd July 2018
Game Category : Board Games
Genre : Educational
Players : 2 - 4
Age Rating : 12+
Game Playtime : 60 - 120 mins
Components :
  • Bridge Sized Cards
    • Wrapped Tri-Fold Board
    • A5 Booklet
    • Bridge Double Tuck Box
    • Bridge Double Tuck Box
    • Rectangle Game Box