Particulate B Version 2

'Particulate B' is a role playing board game designed to help candidates prepare for scenario-based public health exams. It was conceptualised, designed and tested by Public Health Specialty Registrars in Wessex as a way of preparing for the Faculty of Public Health Part B membership examination. This is a 'show how' assessment of the candidates ability to apply relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes to the practice of public health in everyday settings.

Playing Particulate B helps candidates prepare for this type of  exam by letting them practise role play, communication, data interpretation and the handling of conflict and uncertainty. The game includes scenarios which cover the three main domains of public health improvement, protection and service. All this whilst having fun!

Designer : ledocski
Release Date : 23rd January 2017
Game Category : Board Games
Genre : Educational
Players : 1 - 6
Age Rating : 18+
Game Playtime : 30 - 60 mins
Components :
  • Square Game Box
    • 8 Page A6 Accordion Leaflet
    • Wrapped Bi-Fold Board
    • Halma Pawn Blue
    • Halma Pawn Green
    • Halma Pawn Orange
    • Halma Pawn Pink
    • Halma Pawn Red
    • Halma Pawn Yellow
    • 16mm White Spot Dice
    • Poker Sized Cards
    • Poker Sized Cards
    • 180 Second Sand Timer (3 Minutes)