Collaboration Poker IA3.0 Version 2.0

What you get
This card game has the Group and Environment Dynamic cards and includes a full deck of Poker cards.

The objective of the game

To know with certainty what is going to give the group the best payback regarding its focus and this is achieved using a deck of Poker Cards, Dice and a Sand Timer with the Group and Environment Dynamic Cards.

There are several stages in the game.  
The first is to decide which of the 3 Dynamics the group wants to explore.  Then using the Poker Cards, you individually score each of the ten dynamic statements.  As you go, you score individually as well as one group.  Once this is explored, each person highlights what they would like to pay attention to.  Finally, you get a chance to highlight where you may need help from outside the group.

The finale is to identify the one thing that would enable the group to become much stronger and a better group to be part of, this is the ‘Magic Wand’ time.

Once the group has worked out where it wants to pay attention to, there is then the ‘Clean Language’ Cards.

These cards are used to explore the strength of the focus, and how the group may go about achieving the change, it says it wants.

More resources can be found here https://getcollaborating.com/

'Clean Language' statements were developed by David Grove from New Zealand.

Game contents may alter slightly from the illustrations. Assentire Ltd reserves the right to update the contents and sales price at its sole discretion without prior notice

Designer : rodcwillis
Release Date : 15th July 2017
Game Category : Card Games
Genre : Educational
Players : 1 - 4
Age Rating : 12+
Game Playtime : < 30 mins
Components :
  • Poker Tuck Box - 56 Cards
    • Poker Sized Cards
      • Poker Rigid Box - 125 Cards
      • Poker Sized Cards
      • Gem Green D10 Dice
      • 60 Second Sand Timer (1 Minute)
      • Cone Blue