Yeti Mountain

Yeti Mountain: the Après-Ski Game 
An action game set in a winter wonderland where you'll ride up lifts, career down pistes, fly in a helicopter, and stop for a cup of tea in a mountain hut. The winner is whoever can stay out the longest - simple. But beware, there is a Yeti roaming the scenic snowscape and if he catches you three times, you're powder! Think of it all as a frozen, upside-down, distant second cousin of snakes & ladders - with a yeti.

The aim of the game is to spend as much time as you can having fun sledging (or sledding if you're American), skiing or snowboarding around. The winner is whoever can stay out on the mountain the longest.
Yes, that's right - those who makes it down to the après-ski hut are the losers, with each finisher expected to buy the next round of teas.
Of course, also roaming the mountain is Wolfgang, the Yeti. If he moves into your square, or you land on him, then you're captured and taken up to Wolfgang's ice hole for some coffee and cake. A pleasant enough experience you may think. However, if you are caught for a third time, then you mysteriously disappear from Yeti Mountain, never to be seen again. You're Powder! Outta the game. Adios. Auf wiedersehen.
So, can you survive to become King or Queen of the Mountain. Only playing the game will tell. Good Luck!

Proudly designed & made in Britain.

Designer : yetigames
Release Date : 12th September 2017
Game Category : Board Games
Genre : Party
Players : 2 - 6
Age Rating : 5+
Game Playtime : < 30 mins
Components :
  • Square Game Box
    • Wrapped Quad-Fold Board
      • Cone White
      • Cone Yellow
      • Cone Red
      • Cone Pink
      • Cone Orange
      • Cone Green
      • Cone Blue
      • Gem Blue D6 Dice
      • A4 Leaflet