Get Lost!

Get Lost in the caverns of Owmahed!

The caverns are famed for their glittering gemstones, and only slightly less well known for their ever-changing maze of twisting tunnels from which many a keen treasure-seeker never returns.

Get Lost! is a tunnel-building game in which players race towards the prize using a combination of cunning strategy and luck. This is a great game for adults and children alike, as everyone adopts a different approach.

It's up to you to choose your path and advance boldly forwards, or quietly plan your route and sneak through the darkness. But don't forget to completely ruin the plans of your opponents along the way!

(Oh, and watch your head!)

Designer : MatthewLED
Release Date : 24th November 2017
Game Category : Board Games
Genre : Adventure
Players : 2 - 4
Age Rating : 5+
Game Playtime : 30 - 60 mins
Components :
  • Wooden Pawn Yellow
    • Wooden Pawn Blue
    • Wooden Pawn Red
    • Wooden Pawn Green
    • 16mm White Spot Dice
    • 50mm Square Chits (Single Sided)
    • A5 Leaflet
    • Square Game Box