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Artwork still processing
  • Posted By : sophiewest1
    Member Since: 9th November 2017
    Posted on: 23rd November 2017 1:51 PM

    I'm trying to upload my quad fold board game design. It just keeps saying it's processing and I've even created a brand new game, but it's still taking ages. Any ideas?
  • Posted By : Datomec
    Member Since: 1st November 2017
    Posted on: 23rd November 2017 7:35 PM
    Hello Sophie.
    I had the same issue but managed to overcome the problem.
    I renamed the original game and created a new game from scratch.
    Then, I converted the original board.PSD file to a .JPEG file BEFORE I converted it to a PDF using Photoshop.
    Using JPEG compression to dramatically reduced the original file size.
    Then, I continued through the PDF conversion process using Photoshop while ensuring:
    Highest level of Acrobat compatibility.
    Photoshop editing capabilities were switched off
    Embedded page thumbnails off
    Compression downsample with Bicubic Downsampling
    Downsample to 300 for images above 450
    Covert 16 bit channel image to 8 bit channel image ON
    Colour - Working CMYK
    Document open password OFF
    Permission password OFF.
    It worked for me.

    I have recently submitted revised artwork for board, box and cards using the same method. All without an issue.
    Keep going.
    The end result is FANTASTICAL.
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