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Questions questions questions :)
  • Posted By : kingofspin101
    Member Since: 5th June 2016
    Posted on: 6th June 2016 12:55 PM
    Hi there. Seeing as how this is all new and just up and running, I thought Id start by asking a few general questions and some specific to a game I'm working on:

    1. Are all the options in the maker already with no leeway on specific items? I require around 90 x Square Cardboard Tiles (approx 40mmx40mm) printed double sided colour for my game.

    2. Are all the pdf templates available somewhere? I cant find the bridge size game cards one - a full list of links would be handy.

    3.Would it be possible to get the cheaper bridge cards but with rounded edges? Do you do any smaller card sizes?

    4. The dice options are just for spot dice but not colour specific. If I wanted 4 white with black dots and 4 black with white dots, how do I specify this?

    5. Talking with someone at the Games Expo on Sunday it sounds like I would be able to supply pieces from other companies such as 3d printed objects for inclusion in the game. Would this cost anything further to the final game cost?

    6. Is the "Game Price" how much it would cost per unit to myself, or is that the 70% to me, 30% to you price it would be sold on your site to customers? If the number of units increases, would the price drop any?

    Many thanks!

  • Posted By : Ivory
    Member Since: 21st April 2016
    Posted on: 6th June 2016 4:11 PM
    Hi Spin

    1. I have just added a new product, it is 50mm x 50mm cards. New items are always possible simply ask in https://gamemaker.ivory.co.uk/forum/category/feature-product-requests

    2. Templates have been added for bridge size game cards.

    3. Unfortunately not. The cheaper ones are cheaper because they do not go through the extra processes needed for round corners.

    4. Currently only white dice are available. Specific colours can be requested using the link in 1.

    5. We are still working on the specifics of how we will do this. We will make an announcement when this will be available.

    6. The game price is cost to you. The 70-30 is only when games are listed in the shop. Currently there is no discount for multiple copies. This may change as we refine our processes.

    I hope I have managed to answer your question fully enough. If you have any more questions please ask.
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